#CommitToAct 2022

#CommitToAct Streets for Life 2022 was centered around a Week of Action from 16-22 May 2022. Using regional calls to action defined by Alliance members, the Week of Action supported NGOs to engage with their national decision makers to make specific meaningful commitments for evidence-based action aligned to the Global Plan, with a particular focus on 30 km/h limits, investment for road safety, and involvement of NGOs in decision making processes.

Week of Action

The #CommitToAct Streets for Life Week of Action was held 16-20 May 2022.

Alliance members in at least 30 countries engaged in activities pushing for action for 30 km/h limits and other evidence-based actions, investment, and involvement of NGOs in decision making towards the target set by the Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030.

NGOs also used the campaign to follow up and to hold their governments accountable to put their commitments into action.

CountryOrganizationAdvocacy objective and activities


Luchemos por la Vida Asociación Civil
Face-to-face meetings and virtual round tables were held with ministers of transport, the national road safety agency and mayors, and disseminated on social networks and mass media to reach the entire country. Walks and interventions were held in critical places (like stacking shoes) and information and printed material about the campaign was distributed among the citizens.


MINU Asociacion Civil
Meeting was held with Secretaries of Sustainability and Transportation of the City of Buenos Aires to whom they delivered the regional call to action and an open letter was written to like-minded NGOs to endorse the regional call to action through their signatures.


Ong Bien Argentino
A visit was made to the new minister of security of the province and the councilors to whom the Global Plan was delivered along with a request for support for the ordinance that they presented in 2021 regulating the use of electric micro mobility. A short video to the secretary of mobility of the municipality was recorded.


Local level campaigns which involved the participation of students and teachers in poster campaigns in at least three schools were held alongside national level campaigns which involved the publication of op-eds and blogs to reach policy-makers and the public.


Eakok Attomanobik Unnayan Sangstha
Through the already formed national level alliance of more than 50 organizations to prevent road accidents, a road show was organized for establishing the speed limit to 30 km on a certain bypass road entering Dhaka city and two preparatory meetings were held with the alliance members to prepare for the High-Level Meeting with national decision makers.


A radio program was organized to present the Week of Action, the Budapest declaration and the regional call to action to the population alongside an advocacy meeting with the authorities of the third district of Cotonou  to follow-up on the commitments made and to get a progress update. 
A sensitization program was held for the population of the third district of Cotonou on the speed limit of 30 km/h in the school zones of the district.


Society of road safety ambassadors
A meeting was held with the SADC secretariat and head of transport portfolio coupled with a roundtable meeting with media, lead agency and PTA to lobby for 30 km/h enforcement and implementation around schools. A social media campaign was held to advocate for 30 km/h around schools, scholar patrols in Gaborone targeting schools next to busy roads.


Fundación Por la Vía Por la Vida – Liga Contra La Violencia Vial
A digital communications plan was developed under the #CommitToAct campaign and social media as used to encourage candidates to make public their political projects around road safety and promote participation in the global meeting alongside an activation in the streets.

Côte d’ivoire

A meeting was held with the prefect of Abidjan, the mayors of Bouake and Abidjan Yopougon as well as the minister of transport and the director of the ROAD SAFETY OFFICE for a face-to-face engagement.


Fundacion CAVATA round table with the minister of transport and public works was held to talk about a 30 km/h zone


A meeting was held with the transport minister of the State of Punjab, the director general state lead agency of road safety, director general of traffic police, traffic advisor and the mayor of Mohali where a comprehensive action plan was submitted  to all stakeholders. Slow speed limits of 25 km/h were implemented around schools in the State of Punjab India.


Indian Head Injury Foundation
Awareness campaigns among the local community were held and a meeting was held with the directorate of education and residential welfare association for notification and implementation of speed limits to 30 km/h around school zones and speed limits around residential areas.

Peoples Trust Jaipur
A meeting was held with the transport and road safety minister, Government of Rajasthan, the DGP Rajasthan Police and the mayor of Jaipur city to whom the Asia Pacific Call to Action was handed over. A social media campaign was conducted to advocate for strict enforcement of 25 km/h speed limit law at Jaipur alongside a state level virtual workshop with enforcement officials for strict implementation of 25 km/h speed limit law in Rajasthan.

SAFE India
A state level meeting was held to engage the Minister of Transport, the Commissioner/Chairman, state transport authority and the regional transport officer, state transport authority to whom the regional Call to Action from the Budapest Global Meeting was handed over and advocacy for a commitment for 20 km/h /30 km/h speed limits around school, market, hospital areas was held. 


A meeting was held with the union minister, ministry of road transport and highways (national level), the joint secretary, ministry of road transport and highways (national level) and minister of transport of Delhi (state level). They discussed the enforcement of good regulations for prevention of road crashes. The focus area was the enforcement of the 30 km/h speed limit in schools, hospitals, markets and other accident prone zones.


Road Safety Association
A meeting was held with the ministry of transportation to sign a joint commitment on the focus of the regional budget for the procurement of 30 km/h signs in residential areas, with 3 pilot areas *Jakarta at RW 06, Cipinang Melayu Village, East Jakarta. A five day survey was conducted at three pilot sites for installing 30 km/h signs whose results were submitted to the relevant department of transportation

28 October 2021

MalaysiaThe Global Plan was handed to the Malaysian Institute for Road Safety Research (MIROS) which is currently creating the national road safety action plan.

30 October 2021

IranThe Global Plan was handed to the city officials in Mashhad.

30 October 2021

CameroonThe Global Plan was handed to the Director of Transport in the Minsitry for Transport Divine Mbamone.

31 October 2021 and other dates

GuatemalaThe Global Plan was handed to the Ministerio de Gobernación de Guatemala (the Minister of Interior, Guatemala) and other decision makers.

1 November
TunisiaA roundtable event where the Global Plan was handed to government authorities including the Minister of Transport.

3 November 2021

MexicoA roundtable event where the Global Plan was handed to the Foreign Relations Secretary.

3 November 2021

NigeriaThe Global Plan was handed to a member of the Federal House of Representatives.

4 November 2021

BrazilA private event where the Global Plan was handed to the acting governor of Rio Grande do Sul among others.

4 November 2021

KyrgyzstanThe plan was handed to the Minister for Transport at a meeting where the Global Plan and the national road safety strategy were discussed.

8 November 2021

PalestineThe Global Plan was handed over to Assistant Undersecretary at the Ministry of Transport and Communications and President of the National Council for the Prevention of Road Accidents.

12 November 2021

Trinidad and TobagoThe Global Plan was handed to the Minister for Works and Transport at a meeting where the formation of a lead council was discussed to be formed and announced by January 2022.
12 November 2021ChadA copy of the Global Plan was handed to the Director of the road safety agency at a CEMAC conference in Cameroon.

17 November 2021

KenyaAn outdoor event to the National Transport and Safety Authority with the Kenya Urban Roads Authority and Kenya National Highways Authority.

18 November 2021

IndonesiaThe Global Plan was handed to the General Director of Land Transportation, Ministry Transportation Indonesia (represented by Director of facilities and infrastructure)

21 November 2021

PhilippinesGlobal Plan call to action and endorsement at provincial level in Negros Occidental with the Governor during the World Day of Remembrance events. Further handovers planned with mayors in three cities.

22 November 2021

ZimbabweHandover of the plan to the Ministry of Health at a workshop for transport and traffic officials.

23 November 2021

TanzaniaHandover of the plan to the President of the United Republic of Tanzania at the launch of Road Safety Week.

29 November 2021

GreeceHandover of the plan to the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport followed by an event on 3 February 2022 to present the Global Plan to the Special Permanent Committee for Road Safety of the Hellenic Parliament.

13 December 2021

South AfricaHandover to the Ministry for Transport.

13 January 2022

MadagascarGlobal Plan shared alongside an ask for signing of African Union Charter.


IndiaVarious handovers at State and city levels and to the Minister for Transport Nitin Gadkari

28 February 2022

IrelandHandover to CEO Road Safety Authority and the Assistant Police Commissioner.
  • The Alliance was present at the International Transport Forum Annual Summit in Leipzig
    1. Live from Leipzig: 30 in Action: During the Week of Action, the Alliance held an online session livestreamed from the ITF Summit in Leipzig, Germany. The session was held to mobilize further action toward 30 km/h limits where people move, live, and play.
    2. Side event: Implementing the Global Plan for the Decade of Action 2021-2030 – Capacity building, monitoring, research and the roles of non-state actors An in-person event was held in collaboration with GRSP and John Hopkins University

Live from Leipzig: 30 in Action

Live in Leipzig: 30 in Action

Call to Action

The campaign was based around a three point call to action:

1. EVIDENCE-BASED ACTIONS: start with 30 km/h limits or lower where people walk, live, and play to save lives

2. INVESTMENT IN ROAD SAFETY: allocate comprehensive funding alongside transparent public reporting

3. NGO INVOLVEMENT IN DECISION-MAKING PROCESSES: include NGOs so that smart road safety decisions are made at every level of government

The Declaration was adapted for each region to address specific issues and differences in different parts of the world.

Campaign photos