Friends & Sponsors

The Alliance fulfills its mission and aims thanks to the generous support, advice, and assistance of our sponsors, partners, and friends.

Main Sponsors

<h1>The World Health Organization </h1>
<p>The World Health Organization (WHO) has been a friend and supporter of the Alliance since its beginnings. WHO first convened NGOs working in road safety which eventually lead to the establishment of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety. Now, the WHO and Alliance regularly partner on global advocacy efforts, including UN Road Safety Week and the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020. WHO provides ongoing mentorship to the Alliance and its members.</p>
<p>Michelin sponsors the Alliance Latin America Chapter, a key element in our regional approach to uniting NGOs more closely, harnessing their joint experience, building capacity, and amplifying their advocacy.<p>
<p>The Alliance was funded by UPS Foundation to assess its road safety programs against the SDGs. It is now partnering on a program in India to support NGOs to promote better post-crash care.</p>
<h1>FIA Foundation</h1>
<p>Longtime supporter of the Alliance who provided a seed grant for the start up and have since provided ongoing support and mentorship of the Alliance including financial and technical support for the Fifth and Sixth Global Meetings of NGOs Advocating for Road Safety and Road Victims.</p>

<h1>Towards Zero</h1>
<p>The Alliance has been glad to partner with UK-based NGO Towards Zero Foundation on the Sixth Global Meeting in Chania, Greece, and for the People's Exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden. </p>
<h1>Global Road Safety Facility</h1>
<p>Global Road Safety Facility is a long term supporter of the Alliance, and has provided financial and technical support to several of the Global Meetings of NGOs Advocating for Road Safety and Road Victims organized around the world.</p>

<h1>Puma Energy Foundation</h1>
<p>Puma Energy Foundation is a supporter of the Alliance and provides financial support for the implementation of a community based program in Colombia.</p>

More Sponsors and Friends

  • Allianz Malaysia
  • Dorel
  • European Commission
  • Ford Driving Skills for Life
  • Hasselt University
  • Hungaroring
  • HVT
  • International Road Federation
  • iRAP
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Mercarius FlottakezelÅ‘
  • New Land Media
  • Porsche Hungaria Kereskedelmi
  • PRO-M
  • Prudence Foundation
  • Safe Kids Worldwide
  • TransSafe
  • UNEP_Walk21
  • Vertikal Nonprofit Inc.