Learn, Examine, Review, Act, Replicate, Network (LEARN)

The Alliance is working with the International Road Federation, IRF (Geneva), funded by the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme, on a program that combines the training and capacity building expertise of both organizations.

Learn, Examine, Review, Act, Replicate, Network (LEARN) develops the knowledge and skills of government agencies, engineers, FIA clubs, teachers, NGOs, journalists, the private sector, and masters and PhD students to implement evidence-based road safety actions. Following a successful pilot program in Kenya and Senegal, phase one of the program is now being rolled out in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Guinea, and Uganda, while Kenya and Senegal will begin phase two.

Phase One

Kenya and Senegal were deliberately chosen as they are representative of two different cultural and linguistic regions. As training resources in French are currently limited, this project will further enable scaling up road safety activities and reach. Evaluation of the pilot program is underway with a view to replicating it across other countries in Africa and beyond.


LEARN targets professionals who either work directly in road safety or whose role does — or should — incorporate it. It familiarizes them with a range of tools and techniques to help drive change using data to validate their work. It is enabling the creation of multi-stakeholder coalitions in Kenya and Senegal to improve road safety policy and action.