Round the World Roundtables

Round the World Roundtables are one element of the Alliance’s #CommitToAct campaign. The roundtables are public events, organized by Alliance member NGOs, where local and national government authorities will make specific commitments for road safety action based on SMART targets. The aim of the roundtables is to strengthen NGOs’ engagement with their governments through  meaningful commitments that can be tracked to make sure that they are put into action.

How can I get involved?

Events so far

March 2019, Vietnam: national commitment to increase helmet usage among children

August 2019, Ecuador: national commitment to collaboration to increase road safety awareness

August 2019, Colombia: national commitment toward safer journeys for children

September 2019, Argentina: city-level commitment to post-crash care

September 2019, Argentina: city-level commitment to improve cycling access for women

September 2019, European Union: regional commitment to reduce road deaths and serious injuries by 2030

October 2019, Bangladesh: national commitment to eliminate the number of drivers without licenses and with fake licenses by 2025

October 2019, India: state-level commitment to implement the good samaritan law to protect bystanders who help crash victims

November 2019, Argentina: national commitments for improved support for road victims and their families

November 2019, Brazil: city-level commitment to assess and improve school zones

November 2019, Benin: city-level commitment to improve at least 60 school zones

November 2019, Philippines: national commitment to increase helmet use among children and improve safe walking conditions around schools

November 2019, Armenia: city-wide commitments for lower speed limits

December 2019, Tunisia: national commitments to keep schoolchildren safer

December 2019, Cameroon: national commitment toward a lead agency and data collection for road safety

January 2020, Spain: regional commitment for rural safety measures 

February 2020, Spain: regional for psychological support for young road victims

You can read about each of the commitments on the COMMITMENT TRACKER.