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The theme of the 2021 UN Global Road Safety Week is 30km/h on streets where people walk, live and play, which is based around the Stockholm Declaration. There is strong evidence that maximum 30km/h roads save lives, especially among pedestrians, cyclists, children, and young people, and have environmental and other benefits.

The Alliance’s focus will be for NGOs to use the week to push toward commitments for 30km/h in urban areas where people and vehicles mix, recognizing that different countries are at different stages in that journey, that policy change takes more than a week and a campaign and that change in attitudes, policy and implementation will be incremental.


The Alliance has funding available for NGOs to implement UN Global Road Safety Week campaigns in their countries. 

Funding has already been allocated for UN Global Road Safety Week to NGOs in the Incubator Program. Further grants of US$1,000 each are available to implement campaigns.

A transparent and competitive call for proposals will be launched by the Alliance to allocate these funds.

Funding criteria

Funds will be allocated to NGOs’ campaigns on the basis that:

  • They are a voting member of the Alliance
  • They are an active member of the Alliance (measured by engagement with Alliance staff, training, campaigns and programs)
  • They demonstrate an understanding of the status of 30km/h policy and implementation in their country 
  • The proposal has a clear advocacy aim that targets policy, implementation or enforcement of 30km/h limits
  • The proposal can have a community mobilization element but must have a policymaker engagement element
  • The proposal must include an opportunity (ideally public) for at least three policymakers to endorse or commit to 30km/h streets. This could be a single street or school zone, city-level or national
  • The proposal must have a social media and media engagement element

Before you start

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