Application for membership to the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety is open on a rolling basis.

You can apply for your organization to become a member of the Alliance if it:

  • Is registered as a nongovernmental organization in its home country
  • Has a primary focus on road safety
  • Is aligned to the mission of the Alliance
  • Has a track record of successful program implementation for three years or more.

When applying for membership, you must submit the following:

  • Your NGO’s logo
  • The NGO’s legal Articles of Incorporation from the relevant government authority (PDF format)
  • A one-page statement of interest in the Alliance (PDF format)
  • The country in which your NGO is legally registered (if your NGO is legally registered in
    multiple countries, a separate application must be submitted for each country)
  • The countries in which your NGO conducts activities
  • The categories of work your NGO conducts
  • Your NGO’s contact information including social media accounts
  • Your NGO’s mission statement
  • A description of an activity that your NGO conducts that you feel best represents your work
  • Photos of at least one project
  • Names of references

If you have all of the above information ready, you may open an account and submit your application for membership.

Please note: Incomplete applications cannot be considered.

Once you have entered all of the required information, your NGO’s application will be reviewed by the Alliance Board of Directors, and you will be contacted within approximately two months of submission.

During the application process, the email addresses of your primary and secondary contacts will be added to our distribution list and you will receive newsletters and other communications from us. You can unsubscribe at any time.