Governing documents

Every two years, members convene for a general assembly to vote on Alliance bylaws and elect the Alliance Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is tasked with governing the Alliance in-between general assemblies.

The Alliance is a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered under Swiss law. It is a member organization governed by its bylaws and overseen by a Board of Directors who are elected from among member organizations.

Find here the policies, bylaws, and board documentation that govern how we operate.

Legal advisor

The Alliance is supported by a legal advisor in Switzerland.

Dr. Christian Thomas, Gratstasse 3, CH 8143 Uetliberg,, +41 76 528 80 82


Latest Version: Approved at the Fifth General Assembly, 24 March 2022.

Find the minutes from the General Assembly in March 2024 HERE.


Other Governing Documents

Active Committees

The Alliance benefits from the expertise and experience of its members through committees that inform the Alliance’s activities.

Board Member Documents