Interview with Dr. Etienne Krug

On Monday 8 May, the first day of UN Global Road Safety Week, Handicap International interviewed Dr Etienne Krug, Director of Management o Non-communicable Diseases, Disability, Violence and Injury Prevention, WHO. They asked him the following six questions.

  • We are half way through the UN Decade for Action for Road Safety, what are the main progresses you have seen since 2011?
  • What remain for you the biggest and emerging challenges ahead?
  • Today starts the Fourth UN Global Road Safety Week, the focus of this week is on speed management. Can you tell us what led the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration to emphasize this aspect of road safety?
  • How can the different countries prioritize road safety when dealing with speed management?
  • How can other stakeholders, such as international and local NGOs, support concrete changes regarding speed management?
  • Handicap International has developed road safety programs in various countries, working on capacity building for local stakeholders, data collection & analyses, awareness raising on main risk factors with a strong focus on vulnerable users. What is for you the added value of this work on this aspect of road safety and what are your recommendation for our organization? Where do you think our real added value is at country level?

Click HERE to read his responses.

Photo courtesy of Richard Ahlstrom.