Safety Demos and Activities in Slovenia

There were impressive scenes outside the Cultural Center, Velenje, Slovenia, on Monday 8 May when Zavod VOZIM hosted their Slow Down event. Smoke poured out of the bonnet of a demonstration car as firemen demonstrated how they rescue victims from a car crash and rows of participants learnt CPR from paramedics. The police highlighted the importance of protective gear for cyclists using a cycle obstacle course that participants could try (using a helmet and with working brakes and lights, of course). Zavod VOZIM used weighing scales to demonstrate the weight of a person at the moment of impact in a crash at different speeds. There were many interactive activities including the opportunity for passers-by to test out “Drunk Buster Goggles”, which simulate the effects of alcohol impairment, and see how they fared on an obstacle course. The event primarily targeted 9th Grade students but also attracted the attention of parents, teachers and children from younger classes and passers-by. In all, Zavod VOZIM estimate that around 350 participants attended.

Zavod VOZIM also included a long term element to their campaign through a preventative workshop: “I still drive — but I cannot walk” and a panel discussion, attended by Institute VOZIM, the Association of Paraplegic South Western Styrian, the Deputy Major of Velenje, the Council for Prevention and Safety in Road Traffic, representatives from the police, the Inspector of Traffic, President of Principals, a representative of the organization maintaining roads, and the President of the local Fire Brigade.

The panel discussion concluded with signing an Action Plan, which summarizes defined key critical points regarding speeding and proposals for traffic slow down measures. It serves as a demonstration of good practice which will be transferred to other Municipalities in Slovenia. The action plan will be completed in July and aims to reduce speed limits, increase police control around schools, and look closely at streets that children and parents often use. The first part is already in place.

It is wonderful to see NGOs working in partnership with authorities and the emergency services to promote one goal in UN Global Road Safety Week.

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