Alliance Welcomes New Members

The Alliance is delighted to welcome the three new members that joined recently.

SAFE India’s key working areas are road user awareness and behavior, advocacy for enforcement of road safety policies, Good Samaritan law training, the golden hour concept, and school safety, including training for bus drives, school-level safety committees, a school drivers’ data base, road safety training, and road safety surveys. Its Road Safety Driver Accreditation System (RSDAS) trains drivers on why they should drive safely, rather than how to drive.

Road Safety Council of Pakistan’s mission is to save lives and prevent road traffic crashes, working with different government departments, including the Ministry of Communication National Highways Authority, police, emergency services, transport associations, road safety stakeholders, educational bodies and community organizations. It focuses on safe driving, safer roads, and safe vehicles. It conducts free-of-charge training sessions, workshops, film shows, and mass advertising.

Tanzania Women Lawyers Association has, for the last five years, been implementing a road safety project, which aims to contribute to improving the road safety legal and policy environment by advocating for amendment of the Road Traffic Act, 1973. It also coordinates a coalition of NGOs and other experts, addressing gaps in legislation. Its accomplishments include a position paper detailing existing gaps, and a public awareness campaign for strong road safety laws and policies. The coalition has linked road safety as a human right issue and worked with members of parliament to form a loose network of legislators on road safety.