Mobility Snapshot tools

You can choose to do your Mobility Snapshot using either the Star Rating Mobility Snapshot tool or the Mini Mobility Snapshot tool.

If you are an iRAP Star Rating for Schools user, you can also use SR4S to complete your snapshot. Please contact us if you plan to do this at

We will release the Mobility Snapshot tools for data submission in mid-April. In the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with the data to collect below. Note: the downloadable forms are for information only, they cannot be used to submit your Mobility Snapshot.

Star Rating Mobility Snapshot tool

We are delighted to work with iRAP on a comprehensive Mobility Snapshot tool.

Ideal for NGO data-driven advocacy

  • simplified version of iRAP’s Star Rating for Schools (SR4S)
  • suitable without iRAP training or technical background
  • receive a star-rating for the intersection, customized recommendations, and indicative costs
  • comprehensive data for advocacy
  • 40 questions (includes sub-questions)
  • Covers aspects of the road design and infrastructure as well as the priority interventions and counts for pedestrians and other road users
  • Upload photographs
  • Should take 1-4 hours to complete

Mini Mobility Snapshot tool

The Mini Mobility Snapshot tool captures the key elements of the Mobility Snapshot. It is shorter and quicker to complete than the Star Rating Mobility Snapshot tool.

Ideal for those that want to take part but do not need in-depth data or a star rating

  • Short form covering only the key elements of the Mobility Snapshots
  • No star rating
  • Can still take part in the global campaign
  • 9 questions (includes sub-questions)
  • Covers the priority interventions and number of pedestrians
  • Upload photographs
  • Should take approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete