Reaction to the UN Resolution

NGO Reaction to the Resolution

“It has been well established fact that “political commitment” at highest level actually brings sincere outcomes at ground level. Hence, that the UN has encouraged it’s Member States to take road safety as a highest political commitment, is a welcome step in saving millions of lives on global roads.”

People’s Trust Jaipur, India

“La Resolución de Naciones Unidas es muy positiva porque asocia de manera explicita la seguridad vial con los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible y a sus metas. Esa es la escala en la que debe enfrentarse el falgelo vial. La Resolución da un horizonte para proyectar un futuro humano viable.”

“”The United Nations Resolution is very positive because it explicitly associates road safety with the Sustainable Development Goals and their targets. That is the approach to address road fatalities. The Resolution provides a vision that a more kind future is possible”

ACTIVVAS, Argentina

“Me parece excelente. Pero Creo que tenemos tomar el ejemplo de como actuamos a nivel mundial con el COVID-19, ya que deberíamos tomar el tema de la seguridad vial desde el punto de vista de Salud Mundial por el Sindrome de la Inseguridad Vial. Deberíamos hacer un llamado a los Organismos internacionales, Gobiernos, Medios, Población, etc por esta Pandemia Vial que lleva anualmente 1,3 millones. El COVID-19 demostró si se hace bien la concientización y trabajamos juntos esto es un antes y un después.”

“I think it is great, but we should take as an example what is happening worldwide with COVID -19, and approach road safety from a mental health perspective as a Syndrome for road (un)safety. We should call international organizations, governments, media and the society to acknowledge this pandemic that every year takes 1,3 million lives. COVID-19 has shown that coordinated efforts and awareness can result in a before and after..”

Asociación Civil Creando Conciencia, Argentina

“For me, the resolution has main significations; evolution, united, global cohesion, and progress.”

AMVIRO, Mozambique

Perspectives on the Resolution

Image: Mikael Ullen

Tomas Eneroth, Minister for Infrastructure, Government of Sweden

The resolution represents a success for the Government of Sweden, which has long been known as a leading proponent of evidence-based approaches to road safety and a leading co-sponsor of the resolution. We asked Minister for Infrastructure, Tomas Eneroth, who led the for the Swedish Government’s for his comments on the UN Resolution.


Image: Ahlstrom/Elgquist

Lotte Brondum, Executive Director, Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety

The Decade of Action and SDG targets for road safety have helped NGOs to engage with and encourage their governments to take strategic action to reduce the death toll from road crashes. Lotte Brondum shares the NGO perspective on the resolution.


Image: Towards Zero Foundation

David Ward, President, Towards Zero Foundation

Towards Zero spearheaded the #50by30 campaign for the inclusion of a specific target to reduce road deaths and injuries by 50% by 2030. The target was accepted, which was a significant achievement. David Ward tells us about that advocacy journey.


Image: Pixabay/Anfaenger

Natalie Draisin, UN Representative, FIA Foundation

NGOs have a role to play in pushing the resolution and actions within it. Natalie Draisin offers ways that NGOs can get involved and resources to help them work with their governments and communities during the current pandemic.


Image: Pixabay/Ninastock

Carly Gilbert-Patrick, Share the Road, Global Programme Lead, UN Environment Programme

The resolution sets the road safety agenda in the context of the wider SDG agenda and draws synergies between connected issues. Carly Gilbert-Patrick talks about the links between the resolution and the environmental agenda and walking and cycling.


Olive Kobusingye, Senior Research Fellow, Makerere University School of Public Health

The resolution draws the connections between road safety and the wider public health agenda. Olive Kobusingye brings a health perspective on the resolution and how NGOs can link the agendas.


Image: Mikael Ullen

Ritu Jain, Youth Advisory Board Member, Global Youth Coalition

The resolution calls on Member States to implement policies to protect youth and other vulnerable groups and encourage partnerships and collaborations with youth and other groups.