Every year, 1.35 million people are killed on the world’s roads, and millions more are injured. This is the eighth leading cause of death globally and the number one killer of young people aged 5-29. This is an urgent crisis that needs a strong, strategic public health response.

The Alliance supports and mobilizes its members to advocate for evidence-based measures to save lives on the road.

Through data collection and analysis, NGOs build the evidence needed to show their governments what needs to be done at national, local, and community levels to address the urgent road safety crisis on the world’s roads. They push for better policies and laws, improved infrastructure and vehicle standards, stronger enforcement, improved post-crash care and victim support, and behavior change among citizens.

NGOs are well-placed to advocate: they are the eyes, ears and voices of their communities. They see what needs to be done and they are able to mobilize their citizens to demand change.

The Alliance mobilizes NGOs through global campaigns and events including UN Global Road Safety Week and the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. It also leads campaigns including #CommitToAct that provide NGOs with tools and opportunities to promote safer roads with their decision makers and their citizens.