Fundraising for Road Safety NGOs

In our recent survey of NGO perspectives on the Decade of Action, 64% of respondents said that their main source of funding was out of their own pockets. Funding was listed as a major limitation for NGOs’ capacity to respond to the global road safety targets. In the 2015 learning needs assessment, fundraising was listed as a training need for 83.1% of member NGOs and 56.3% named it as a very high training need.

Road safety NGOs do amazing work with limited resources. This webinar series is designed to assist NGOs in finding and securing funding from different sources.

This webinar series is currently in progress. You can see the webinars as they are released on this page or sign up below to receive them directly to your inbox.


To utilize the experience of Alliance members and sponsors to assist NGOs to:

  • Approach fundraising strategically
  • Identify suitable funding sources
  • Understand what funders will respond to
  • Write better proposals


Webinar 1: Fundraising Strategy: Katie Shepherd of Brake describes how to take a strategic approach to fundraising that fits your organization.

Webinar 1: Fundraising strategy—presentation slides

Webinar 2: Networking and Power Mapping: Valeria Motta, the Alliance’s Partnerships Advisor, discusses how to utilize your network and get the most from your meetings and encounters with potential donors.

Webinar 2: Power mapping and Networking—Presentation slides

Webinar 3Corporate/NGO Collaboration Criteria: In this webinar, Shane O’Connor, Communications Advisor, FedEx Global Citizenship, shares his experience, demonstrating the mutual benefits of good corporate/NGO collaborations and how NGOs can build effective collaborations with corporate sponsors.

Webinar 3: Corporate/NGO Collaboration Criteria—Presentation slides

Webinar 4Attracting Corporate Funders: Afef Ben Ghenia, Ambassadeurs de la la Sécurité Routière  describes the approach that her NGO has taken to successfully attract corporate  sponsors.

Webinar 4: Attracting Corporate Funders—Presentation slides

Webinar 5: Log Frames: Patrick Kinyanjui, the Alliance’s M&E and Program Manager explains the concept of a log frame and Simon Kalolo, Amend Tanzania, gives a practical example of a log frame used in an Amend program.

Webinar 5: Log frames—Presentation slides

Webinar 6: Budgets: Costing your Project: Providence Klugan, Amend Ghana, explains how to put together a realistic project budget.

Webinar 6: Budgeting—Presentation slides



Learn how a fundraising strategy can help you build your NGO and get creative ideas for raising money.

Learn how to use power mapping to identify people who can help you fund raise and get practical tips on networking at events.

Strong corporate/NGO collaborations have mutual benefits. Learn how to build effective collaborations with corporate sponsors. 

Tips and ideas for approaching corporate funders and gaining their support.

Patrick Kinyanjui, Program Manager at the Alliance will explain log frames and how they are useful for advocacy and Simon Kalolo, Senior Programme Officer, Amend,…

Providence Klugan, Amend, explains how to write an effective project proposal budget, what to to include and how to structure it.