4th UN Global Road Safety Week: #SlowDown

Speed is implicated in a third of road crashes and a 5% cut in average speed, can lead to a 30% reduction in fatal road crashes. WHO-guidelines recommend a 30 kmph speed limit on roads where motorized traffic, pedestrians, and cyclists mix.


In 2017, UNGRSW focused on speed and reducing speed limits to save lives. Around the world NGOs, community groups, and many others ran campaigns calling for lower speed, based on the evidence that reducing average speeds on roads will save lives, and focusing on the need for 30kmph speed limits on roads where motorized traffic mixes with pedestrians and cyclists, who are the most vulnerable road users. These campaigns have contributed to a reduction in speed limits in cities around the world.

Read more about the evidence base for lower speeds and how to implement them in WHO’s guide on Managing Speed HERE.

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