Assessing Global Plan Implementation

NGOs have delivered the Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030 to their decision makers at handover events. Now, it’s time for the next stage: to make sure that the Global Plan is implemented.

A key indicator for implementation of the Global Plan is whether the principles and actions within it are implemented into national, state, and city road safety strategies and plans. To support NGOs in assessing and reporting on the status of road safety plans in their countries, the Alliance will hold workshops during the regional consultation meetings being held 3-17 March 2022.

In advance of the meetings, NGOs are asked to find and bring a copy of their national, state, or city road safety strategy/plan. In the session, we will critique the plans with a view to building a status report on how the Global Plan is being implemented.

How to find your national, state, or city road safety plan/strategy

  • Check the national road safety agency website/Ministry of Transport or equivalent state or city government website
  • Look for keywords such as road safety plan/strategy”, “transport plan”, “Vision Zero”: think about the terminology your government normally uses
  • Look for time-bound targets or key performance indicators
  • Use google (or other search engines) for documents or media articles to help track it down
  • Use your contacts within the relevant agency to get a copy

Why focus on local (national / state / city / municipal) road safety plans/strategies?

  • The local plan is an indicator of whether the government is adopting the targets and recommended actions set out in the Global Plan
  • The local plan is an indicator of the level of accountability a government is taking for saving lives on the road 
  • A plan sets targets, priority action and requirements for the collaboration of many partners who deliver road safety – it’s what makes ‘action’ happen

What we will do with the local plans in the regional consultations

In the workshops we will look at the following questions. The data collected will be part of building a status report of how the Global Plan is being implemented.

  • What targets are being set?
  • What actions are being set?
  • How do they compare with the targets and recommended actions in the Global Plan?
  • Are the who and the when specified for each action?