#SaveKidsLives takes off – see what our members are doing

Alliance members around the world are continuously busy preparing to celebrate the Third UN Global Road Safety Week 2015. Here are more updates:

–          South Africans Against Drink Driving (SADD), our member based in South Africa, will work with 20 schools around Pietermaritzburg and the Midlands. Children will wear bright yellow #SaveKidsLives t-shirts, and record their messages on road traffic, get involved in making movies, and sign pledges. SADD will forward these messages and film clips to politicians and the media. Staff and volunteers of SADD are at the moment busy creating banners and displaying them outside schools, businesses, and petrol stations in Pietermaritzburg. They are also crocheting and sewing headbands and tutus for children to use as props in their recordings or plays. SADD is currently engaging and encouraging the media for their active participation in the event.

–          In Kenya, Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT) will produce a four to five minute video of a child narrating daily challenges that she/he faces on the road and giving a brief context. The video, which will be aired on TV, will also include a call for action. The organization will also create a two-minute audio recording of a child explaining challenges she/he faces and the need for protection while traveling to school. ASIRT will also build on its existing relationship with the media, i.e., the Nation Media Group, to avail of free TV and radio airtime to cover the children’s performances.

–          A series of live stories on road safety through the eyes of children under the title—#SaveKidsLives#-Child Appeal for Road Safety: Stop Killing Us on Roads—will be produced by Belarusian Auto Moto Touring Club (BKA), our member in Belarus. The process in producing the road safety stories will be fully organized by children. Children reporters will interview children (victims) injured in road accidents. Children who will be involved in the project will call out to adults to support the #SaveKidsLives campaign and sign the Child Declaration for Road Safety. It will be addressed to politicians and decision-makers in Belarus.

The Partnership for Road Safety, a member of the Alliance in Georgia, has joined the #SaveKidsLives campaign on March 2015. Representatives of the Foundation have put on their demands on banners and held signs, calling attention to save kids’ lives on the roads. Georgian professional racers similarly joined the event and wrote their demands on specially-created banners. Students from the “Skhivi” private school of International Black Sea University supported the campaign on 08 April 2015. The schoolchildren wrote their demands on banners and put on the signs, calling out to people to save kids’ lives. They also went out to the streets on the highway in Tbilisi and called out to the drivers to respect children’s rights, observe traffic rules, and let them walk or travel safely. TV1, a Georgian public broadcasting television channel, together with the station’s journalists participated in the campaign. The anchors held signs which was shown on their program
and televised in the whole country.