Safer Walking Environments for Children around Schools – Vietnam

The “Model School Zone” project was developed by Safe Kids Worldwide in order to create safer walking environments for children around schools. As implementer for Safe Kids Vietnam, AIP Foundation piloted “Model School Zone” with the support of FedEx during the 2012– 2013 school year. By modifying the environment of a primary school and sharing results of the initiative, the “Model School Zone” project in Vietnam aimed to demonstrate that the project can be effective and adapted to benefit children in countries of varying resource-levels.

Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Primary School in Dong Nai Province was selected for the “Model School Zone” because its 615 students faced dangerous walking conditions on a daily basis as they traveled to school. Over 16% of students at the school had been hit by motor vehicles when walking in the vicinity of the school. A high percentage of students walked to school regularly and the environmental structure in place did not provide sufficient safety for students to cross the road or walk safely along the sidewalk. Furthermore, an uncovered drainage channel that ran along the sidewalk near the school forced students to walk along the road in heavy traffic.

To tackle these concerns, AIP Foundation reconstructed 384 square meters of sidewalk, covered 248 meters of drainage tunnel, and installed four rumble strips, one set of warning traffic lights, three zebra crossings, four school zone signs, four speed limit signs, and four speed bumps. All 615 students received reflective jackets to increase students’ visibility while walking and 650 pedestrian safety educational books were distributed to students and teachers in conjunction with pedestrian safety training. Furthermore, traffic safety murals were painted on school walls to help students remember what they learned in the classroom and a working committee of stakeholders was organized to ensure the integration and compliance of governmental and school authorities. Read full description of the project HERE.