Announcement: General Assembly

The Alliance will hold our Second General Assembly on 14 March 2015 during the Global Meeting in Marrakech, Morocco.

The Board of Directors of the Alliance is composed entirely of volunteers. Board members are elected from the Alliance member NGOs. The following members will be up for reelection, and Ms. Ndèye Awa Sarr (LASER International), who has been an interim member since 2014, will be up for election.

Board members:

  • Mr. Floor Lieshout (YOURS), Vice-President
  • Mr. Manuel Ramos (FEVR)
  • Ms. Rochelle Sobel (ASIRT)
  • Mr. Jeffrey Witte (Amend), President
  • Ms. Ndèye Awa Sarr (LASER international), interim member

As per bylaws, voting members who cannot be present in the General Assembly may vote by e-mail to the Administrative Director. Kindly send e-mail no later than 1 March to

For questions related to the Alliance governance structure, please refer to the administrative documents on our website, which you can find HERE.

Please find the General Assembly agenda HERE.

About the Alliance:

With over 130 member NGOs active in more than 90 countries, the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety was founded in response to demand from NGOs worldwide for a forum where NGOs can share best practices and collectively advocate for road safety and the rights of victims of road traffic injury.

The Alliance also provides concise information about the activities of NGOs to non-NGO actors, such as governments, foundations, intergovernmental agencies, the media, and other stakeholders with an interest in road safety. Additionally, the Alliance organizes the Global Meeting of NGOs Advocating for Road Safety, which takes place every two years.

The Alliance was established in 2011 by NGO members of the WHO / United Nations Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC) and is organized and registered under Swiss law.


Ms. Lotte Brondum
Administrative Director