Safe Riding Initiative

Last month, Alliance member TRAX S. Society, India, partnered with the Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) to organize a conference as part of the Safe Riding Initiative, a campaign dedicated to the safety of two-wheeler drivers and pillion riders in India. 

The Safe Riding Initiative has five objectives:

  • Standardized helmets
  • Helmet usage for all ages
  • Maintenance of roads especially potholes
  • Scientific design of two-wheelers
  • Advertising policy and the role of communicators.

The conference was attended by 150 road safety stakeholders, schools, resident welfare associations, corporations, traffic police, and NGOs. It featured expert delegates from the UK, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Iran, Australia, Japan, and Nepal. 

The recommendations from the conference included:

  • Engagement of the Indian Prime Minister as a brand ambassador for road safety by inviting him to assume the position of Chairman of the National Road Safety Program
  • Non-standardized helmets to be replaced by ISI standardized helmets through enforcement
    and awareness
  • Helmet production to be brought under the mandatory list and treated as a life-saving
    device and removal of sales tax on ISI-approved helmets
  • Provision of segregated two-wheeler lanes in peri-urban areas
  • Compulsory helmets for child pillion riders for the child above age six
  • Mandatory hand grip and saree guards on all motorized two-wheelers
  • Deficiencies in road engineering and road repair works should be accorded top priority
  • Road safety should be compulsory subjects in all teachers training programs
  • Implementation of a National Road Crash Data Registry
  • Constitution of a government body for maintaining advertising standards with respect to road safety
  • Promotion of safe school zones and safe transportation of children
  • Promotion of safer wheel design including anti-locking brakes (ABS) for two-wheelers and anti-skidding technology.

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