New Study by Luchemos Por La Vida on Distracted Driving


A recent study by Alliance member Luchemos por la Vida, Argentina, that observed 2720 private cars on a typical working day in September, found that 13.3% of drivers were using their phone while driving. Comparing against previous data, the NGO found that in ten years, the number of drivers who use their phones while driving has more than tripled. This percentage means that among the 1.4 million private cars that circulate in Buenos Aires daily, approximately 186.000 people are using a mobile phone while driving.

Texting is most common, an activity that requires the user to look at the screen and focus their attention on it.

In order to raise awareness about the risk, Luchemos por la Vida has launched an advertising campaign, “Cell phone while driving kills!”, that is being broadcast four times a day for 22 days on every TV and radio channel in Argentina.

Click HERE to see the campaign.