Viviam Perrone, Argentina

Viviam Perrone

Viviam Perrone is a member of Asociación Madres del Dolor (Mothers in Pain), Argentina. She has dedicated herself to fight for the rights of road crash victims since the loss of her son Kevin Adrian Sedano (aged 14) in a hit-and-run incident on May 8th 2002. Ms Perrone has a bilingual degree in teaching and specialized in communication which allows her to express the needs of victims, their families and other NGOs. She has written articles for national and international press. Since 2018 she is producer of national radio program dedicated to road safety and victim support. She has come to be known by the media and respected by different political parties. She is a member of the Victims Observatory in the House of Representatives from where she pushes for changes in laws and informs on different campaigns.

Ms Perrone is Co-Chair of International Victims´ Partnership, a non-profit organization that promotes Post Crash Investigation together with more than 150 NGOs. She received the prize “Mujeres Innovadors” (Inventive Women) in the National Congress by the Senator and Vice Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires Dr Balestrini (Oct 2008); received a special honor given by the US Embassy Mr. Anthony Wayne (28th May 2009) and was named “Outstanding Woman” in the district of Vicente Lopez where her son was killed, (2012) and by the House of Senators of the Province of Buenos Aires (2013). She also received recognition by the National Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (May 2013) and for her gender work in Road Safety on Women´s International Day in Congress by the National Representative Ramona Pucheta (March 2014).

One of her main achievements has been to struggle in Congress for 12 years to change the Road Safety law in Argentina and this was accomplished on Dec 22nd, 2016. Now in all provinces in Argentina both hit-and-run and drunk driving are serious offences. A law for Victims ‘Rights (27372) which she presented with her NGO Mothers in Pain and other NGOs was passed in 2017. Now victims in Argentina have the right to be informed, to be listened to and to receive free psychological and legal advice in the whole country.