About Us

In March 2010, the UN General Assembly proclaimed 2011–2020 the Decade of Action for Road Safety, with a global goal of stabilizing and then reducing the forecasted level of global road fatalities by increasing activities conducted at national, regional, and global levels.

The United Nations Road Safety Collaboration was established as a follow-up to the General Assembly recognizing a need for a multi-sector response and coordination between international organizations, governments, NGOs, foundations, and private sector entities to coordinate effective responses. The Alliance was established in 2011 by NGO members of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration and is organized and registered under Swiss law.

Around the world, NGOs are acting as lobbyists and implementers of road safety programs and activities. NGOs are often set up by citizens in response to a need they see around them. NGOs fill the gap in governments, and can influence decision making by advocating for change and addressing the needs they see.

(Photo by Richard Ahlstom)

NGOs play a vital role in the growing worldwide movement to reduce the impact of road traffic injuries on society via advocacy and the implementation of evidence-based programs to reduce crashes and assist the injured. The purpose of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety and the Global Meetings is to help coordinate the activities of NGOs and assist in the dissemination of best practices for programs, fund-raising, communications, and more.

The Global Alliance and its member NGOs are at the forefront of the global effort to save lives on the roads: leading projects and campaigns, working with communities and government, and advocating for road safety policies. The NGOs are a key part of the road safety equation, as they make road safety an issue that is personal, real, and in need of urgent attention. They are instrumental in generating a demand from the public for safer roads, and when they base their interventions on evidence about what works, they can contribute in significant ways to saving lives on the roads.