About #CommitToAct

#CommitToAct supports NGOs in pushing their local and national governments to make clear, meaningful, and specific commitments for road safety actions at policy, implementation, and enforcement levels, and then to track and highlight these commitments. These commitments can be big or small, but what matters is that they are acted on.

COMMIT to road safety actions

ACT on the commitment

How can you get involved with #CommitToAct?

#CommitToAct brings together several elements.

Commitment Tracker

Tell us about the commitments that your government has made and how you are tracking their progress. The commitment tracker is an online tool to monitor progress, celebrate commitments that have been converted into action, and highlight those commitments where progress has stalled.


Sign the People’s Declaration

Sign the declaration to demand that government leaders around the world COMMIT to putting people first and ACT to save lives on roads worldwide through evidence-based best practices.


Print and Share the Declaration

Print the declaration, collect signatures at your events, and upload them to include in the totals.


Round the World Roundtables

Find out what the Round the World Roundtables are and how to run one; also read about Round the World Roundtables that have happened so far.


Peoples Survey

In 2019, we gathered the voices of citizens around the world to share their experiences of road traffic crashes. Read and use the results from our report The Day Our World Crumbled: The Human Cost of Inaction on Road Safety


See Lotte Brondum, our Executive Director, explain #CommitToAct here: