Effective Road Safety Activism

The Alliance collaborated with Rod King, 20’s Plenty for Us, a UK-based not-for-profit, mobilizing communities to advocate for 30km/h /30mph limits on a capacity building session Effective Road Safety Activism: How to Help Decision Makers Do the Right Thing.

Catch up

The session was recorded and can be accessed on our YouTube channel.

About the session

Sometimes being an activist trying to reduce danger on our roads can be challenging. But change doesn’t come just because you have a good or moral idea. It comes because you can bring others on board and enable decision-makers to make the change you want. Successful activism can be done on a small budget, but it needs focused, influential, and effective techniques.

This two-hour session explores the major factors in successfully influencing decisions made by politicians and those in authority. It will discuss the issues from an activist’s perspective and will explore the key elements in successful activism. 

  • Knowing what you want to change
  • Understanding how it can be changed
  • Building and empowering influencers
  • Enabling the decision-maker to make change