UNGRSW Online Events

The UN Global Road Safety Week will be held 17-23 May 2021. It is a valuable opportunity for government institutions, legislators, NGOs and other civil society organizations and individuals to mobilize under the banner of a global campaign, giving them a global identity and mandate for their campaigns: together we have a stronger voice.

This year the UN Global Road Safety Week will focus on lowering the speed limit to 30km/h in urban areas, under the tagline Streets for Life and #Love30.

The Alliance will support regional events with the WHO Global Network for Road Safety Legislators and the EU Transport Community. NGOs will conduct site visits with legislators to document the reality about speeding, and host the #Love30 Global Rally, a global session to call for 30km/h in urban areas.

#Love30 Global Rally

19 May 2021, 2pm CEST

The #Love30 Global Rally will be a call to action for 30 km/h limits in urban areas. It will be an interactive session featuring the experience of advocating for low-speed streets from both the NGO and decision maker angle and will culminate in legislators’ public endorsements for 30 km/h limits and a call to mobilize and work together to make low-speed streets a reality.


  • Setting the stage – community study of localized 30 km/h zones: Ms. Lotte Brondum
  • Implementing 30 km/h:
    • The legislator experience: Mr. Pere Navarro, Director Dirección General de Tráfico, Spain
    • The NGO experience: Awa Ndeye Sarr, LASER International, Senegal
  • Legislator support for 30 km/h: video statements
  • Legislator panel featuring:
    • Europe: Mr. Ciaran Cuffe, Member of the European Parliament, Ireland
    • Latin America: Mr. Mario Raymundo Fiad, Senator, Argentina, and Legislators’ Network
    • Honorable Mrs. Adji Mergane Kanoute, Member of Parliament, Senegal
  • Legislator endorsement of 30 km/h
  • Closing and call to action: Rochelle Sobel, ASIRT, USA and Alliance Chair

Call to Action Day

19 May 2021

To coincide with the #Love30 Global Rally, the Alliance invites you to join our Call to Action Day to show your support for 30 km/h streets.

Throughout the day, we, our NGOs, and partner organizations will post photos and videos of road safety advocates, NGOs, legislators, and others supporting 30 km/h. Like, share, and post your photos and videos too!

Add your voice to our Twitter Storm at 9am CEST, 3pm CEST (straight after the #Love30 Global Rally), and 9pm CEST, to create a flood of 30km/h endorsements.

Join the Twitter Storm

  • To join the Twitter Storm:Take a photograph or video of yourself with the UN Global Road Safety Week materials 
  • Write your caption about why you support 30 km/h limits where people and vehicles mix
  • Remember to use the hashtags #Love30 and #StreetsForLife and tag @roadsafetyngos so that we can share your post
  • You could also tag your decision makers and invite them to support 30 km/h too
  • Post your photo or video at 9am CEST, 3pm CEST, or 9pm CEST on social media with a caption about why you support 30 km/h streets
  • Like and share each other’s posts to magnify the impact

Regional Discussion Events

In conjunction with the UN Global Road Safety Week, the Alliance is supporting regional discussions with WHO’s Global Network for Road Safety Legislators and the EU Transport Community for regional online discussion events to build support for 30 km/h default limits in urban areas. The European and African sessions have been completed and the Latin American session will be on Friday 21 May 2021. You can register below.

Latin America: 21 May 2021 20:00 CEST