UN Global Road Safety Week

UN Global Road Safety Week is a biennial global road safety campaign hosted by WHO. It brings together individuals, governments, NGOs, corporations, and other organizations from around the world to raise awareness of road safety and make changes that will reduce the number of road deaths. UN Global Road Safety Week is a valuable opportunity for NGOs and other civil society organizations and individuals to #SpeakUp for road safety. It gives NGOs a global identity and mandate for their campaigns – together we have a stronger voice. 

Each UNGRSW has a theme. The theme of the Fifth UNGRSW was leadership and the slogan was #SpeakUp.

#SpeakUp Demands

NGOs shared their road safety demands with decision makers, using #SpeakUp signboards, petitions, and events to highlight the dangers that people face on their everyday journeys and call for urgent action to reduce the 1.35 million road traffic deaths that occur on the world’s roads every year.

See some of our members making their demands at the UN Global Road Safety Week kick off event in Chania, Greece.

Events Around the World

NGOs around the world organized events including award ceremonies, school campaigns, and public discussions. See what some of our members have been up to below.


#SpeakUp I demand a fastened seat belt

#SpeakUp: I demand that my government attends Sweden 2020

#SpeakUp: I demand the right to walk

#SpeakUp: I Demand Enforcement of the Children’s Safety on Motorcycles Act

#Speak Up: I Demand a Safe School Zone



Les Amis de la Routiere Securite campaigning together with the emergency services.

Tariq Essalama Bejaia ran events at the local hospital and school.


ACTIVVAS were at the public prosecuter’s office.

Bien Argentino‘s billboards were all over Neuquen. It engaged with decision makers and the public.


CIPRD organized a road safety demonstration rally with rickshaw drivers as well as safe crossing demonstration and first aid training.

Nirapad Sarak Chai‘s events included road shows, leaflet distribution, seminars, traffic law enforcement drive through mobile court.


Alinagnon community demands.


Fundacion CAVAT ran events at the mall, a bike ride and advocated at the National Assembly.


Partnership for Road Safety ran many different events.


thita Rhodes emphasized the number of road victims every hour.


Avoid Accident are seeking safe passage for ambulances and safe journeys to school.

Muskaan Foundation ran events in a range of different settings.

Patiala Foundation‘s key demand was “We demand the right to walk”, campaigning for sidewalks to be reinstated.

People’s Trust Jaipur ran an event on Mother’s Day.

Safe Drive Save Life had a demand tree.

TRAX had fruitful discussions with decision makers.

Women and Child Welfare Society‘s community events.


Road Safety Pioneers‘ campaign included a call for its leaders to attend the Ministerial Conference in Sweden and demands for safer cycling.


Pamoja Road Safety Initiative presented the first Global Fleet Manager Award in association with Brake.

ASIRT Kenya, along with other Alliance member NGOs organized an event at a local school and gained commitment for implementation to make the school zone safer.


Jol  Koopsuzdugu with EASST are campaigning for seat belt usage.


Kunhadi working with youth to campaign for safer streets.


Mexico Previene gained community support for safer journeys.


Make Roads Safe Moldova involved children and community members in their campaign.


AMVIRO ran events in a school and a hospital.


Project Cares gained commitment for safe school implementations and ran a Zumba for Life Session.

Safe Kids Worldwide Philippines campaigned for safer schools and enactment of the children’s safety on motorcycles act.


Zavod VOZIM organized a traffic day for 9th graders and a panel discussion.


AIPSEV pushed for commitments from their city mayor and authorities.

South Africa

South Africans Against Drunk Driving (SADD) at an event at a school.

Trinidad and Tobago

Arrive Alive worked with the police and with the Department of Works and Transport for its campaign.


Ambassadeurs de la Securite Routiere worked in schools and with decision makers.


Astrotransito highlighted the issues caused by the financial crisis in Venezuela.

Please send us photos and stories from your #SpeakUp campaigns to liz@roadsafetyngos.org. We would love to hear about your demands, the response, and how you are following up with your decision makers.

Global Meeting UNGRSW kick off event

Participants at the Global Meeting took part in a walk through Chania Old Town and shared their demands and messages at a reception and photo exhibition at the Arsenali in the harbor.

Previous UNGRSWs

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