Guidelines for a Good Conference Poster

Presenting a poster at a conference is a great opportunity to showcase your organization’s expertise and experience. Make sure you maximize impact by showing your work at its best.

Starting out

  • Check any guidelines or requirements set by the conference organizers e.g. size of poster, what to include, etc.


  • Select your content carefully—does it show your organization at its best?
  • Think about the audience—who are they and what will interest them? Are they interested in people and stories or graphs and statistics? 
  • Remember to include:
    • Your organization’s name and logo


  • Make sure that your title stands out (for example: in bold, larger font)
  • Keep text to a minimum: bullets points and short phrases not long sentences
  • Use color
  • Break up text sections with pictures or graphs

Final touches 

  • Get someone else to proofread your poster—new eyes will see things you have missed
  • Print your poster on one sheet of paper not several A4 or A3 sheets stuck together