Member Survey Findings

In 2021, the Alliance commissioned a survey among its members, conducted by an independent consultant. 100 NGOs from 53 countries responded.

Purpose of the survey

The second Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030 presents opportunities for NGOs to contribute the 2030 target to halve road deaths and injuries. The Alliance sought an independent review of its member support activities with three main purposes:

  • To assess the capacity growth of the member NGOs in relation to the Alliance support activities
  • To assess opportunities and NGO preparedness for the second Decade of Action
  • To identify NGO capacity building needs to support NGO contributions to the second Decade of Action

Summary of survey findings

About the NGOs

Where were the responding NGOs?

What do they work on?

What kind of activities do they do?

How are they staffed?

How are they funded?

How the Alliance contributed to capacity growth

Top 10 Growth Areas

  1. Information & awareness building
  2. Networking
  3. Advocacy
  4. Training/education
  5. Partnership/coalition building
  6. Provision of expertise and advice
  7. Acting as channels to make citizens’ voices heard
  8. Development of solutions/approaches
  9. Research, monitoring and evaluation
  10. Data collection and use

Other areas of Alliance influence: NGO credibility; Sense of unity; Sharing & learning of best practice internationally; NGO funding opportunities

Top 10 Alliance Activities

  1. #CommitToAct
  2. Alliance LIVE sessions
  3. Global Alliance newsletter
  4. News and events on Alliance website
  5. Global Meetings of NGOs
  6. Alliance Empowerment program webinars
  7. Alliance publications
  8. Commitment Tracker
  9. Alliance Advocates Program
  10. Alliance representations in UN forums

63% reported Alliance activities were just right in meeting NGO needs.

What Alliance could do differently:
Tailoring Alliance activities to
NGO needs and/or specific regions

NGOs and the first Decade of Action 2011-2020

Top five enablers in the last Decade

  1. Appropriate knowledge & skills within the NGO
  2. NGO meaningful participation in decision making process
  3. Strategic/action plan within the NGO
  4. Alliance support of NGOs
  5. NGO access to data

Top five inhibitors in the last Decade

  1. Lack of funding of NGO
  2. Lack of road safety accountable focal point in government
  3. Lack of reliable data
  4. Lack of NGO meaningful participation
  5. Lack of NGO access to data

NGOs and the second Decade of Action 2021-2030

Strong evidence of readiness for the second Decade of Action

  • 70% saw and described opportunities for the new decade
  • 89% identified their best single success in terms of positive road safety outcomes
    80% of those identified what was key to that success
  • 78% of those who reported to have faced challenges in their attempts to improve road safety said they addressed those challenges
  • 85% articulated NGO roles & responsibilities
  • 76.8% have a mission statement/strategic objectives/articulated goals
    61% have an annual strategic/action plan

Key to NGO success

  • Establish/develop/sustain relationship with government
  • Professional expertise
  • Establish/develop/sustain relationship with other organizations
  • Effective presentation of relevant evidence for what works
  • Use of clear language

Roles and responsibilities of NGOs

  • Advocacy & bring change
  • Work with government & participate in decision-making process
  • Hold governments accountable
  • Conduit between community & government
  • Support and empower victims & community in road safety actions
  • Collaborations & partnerships
  • Ensure evidence base
  • Data collection, research, monitoring & evaluation

Key opportunities identified by respondents

  • New funding
  • Greater collaborations and partnerships
  • Greater NGO credibility/recognition
  • NGO working with government
  • Greater inclusion of NGO
  • Greater commitments/actions from all sectors including government
  • Global movement to push greater actions

NGO capacity building needs for the new Decade

  1. Fundraising
  2. Partnership/coalition building
  3. NGO meaningful participation
  4. Training
  5. Advocacy
  6. Provision of expertise & advice
  7. Networking
  8. Information & awareness building
  9. Research, monitoring & evaluation
  10. Victim support

Top 10 Alliance Activities to help NGO contribution to the Decade

  1. Global Meetings of NGOs
  2. Alliance Advocates Program
  3. Global Alliance Newsletter
  4. #CommitToAct
  5. Webinars
  6. Alliance representations in UN forums
  7. Alliance LIVE sessions
  8. Alliance publications
  9. Alliance Seed Program
  10. News and events on the Alliance website

How the Alliance is using the findings from the survey

Alliance is actively using member survey results to improve what we do and serve our diverse members more effectively:

  • Strengthen Alliance Secretariat with expanded expertise to meet the growing needs and roles of NGOs in road safety
  • Strengthen member consultations in developing Alliance activities e.g. Regional consultation meetings & workshops leading up to the Seventh Global Meeting
  • Strengthen member data collection and use to more effectively tailor Alliance activities to member needs e.g. Seventh Global Meeting registration data, Incubator, Regional Chapters
  • Strengthen regional tailoring & coordination through regional Chapters e.g. Latin America Chapter launch, LEARN
  • Strengthen advocacy, evidence driven actions, & accountability to bring results in road safety e.g. Call to Action, Budapest NGO Declaration, #CommitToAct, 30km/h research project
  • Promote NGO roles in road safety and enabling environment for NGOs to help maximize their impact on road safety e.g. Meaningful NGO Participation Guide & capacity building; publication in academic journal; enabling environment research project
  • Seventh Global Meeting for networking and to build momentum to drive actions for the new Decade with unity