What is a Taxi Night?

Kunhadi, a member of the Alliance based in Lebanon, came up with “Taxi Night” in its effort to curb drunk driving. A new party concept, created in 2007, wherein guests are prohibited from using their own cars, Kunhadi offers free taxi rides to guests that will transport them from their houses to the venue and back to their houses safely. This party, which takes place at the most prestigious and attractive night clubs in Lebanon, was created for the purpose of promoting the use of taxi cars after a night out drinking instead of driving under the influence of alcohol or fatigue.

As this awareness method speaks the language of youth and gives firsthand experience of the benefits of using a taxi, it is more influential than common preaching.

Kunhadi offers free and mandatory taxi rides, and guests are encouraged to drink moderately. Only two drinks are included in the ticket to avoid excessive alcohol consumption. Free drinking water is made available during the event to keep guests hydrated throughout the night. If yo want to learn more about Taxi Night or Kunhadi, check them out on the Alliance website HERE