The Alliance in 2024

2024 is set to be another impactful year for the Alliance as we roll out our new strategy. Embedded in our 2024 activities and advocacy will be preparations for the next Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety to be held in Morocco in February 2025 and how we, as NGOs, can help ensure that it is a meaningful platform to speed up progress at the midpoint of the Decade of Action. This means making sure, not only that our national Ministers show up, but that they bring commitments and successes to push for further action. NGOs will be key in encouraging them to attend and make a meaningful contribution and follow up, so that the meeting becomes an enabler for delivery.
Our Mobility Snapshots will play a part in this preparation. Integrated with our May #CommitToAct campaign, NGOs will show the reality of pedestrians’ everyday journeys. Together, we will show how continuing to build our road systems for cars, instead of considering the needs of all road users, is hampering progress toward halving road deaths and injuries by 2030 and governments’ responsibility to provide safe, affordable, accessible, and sustainable mobility for all.
We will continue to focus on roll out of the Accountability Toolkit through the next round of the Alliance Incubator and advocate strongly for the Priority Interventions. Advocacy for safe, affordable helmets will be a focus next year, which will culminate in a white paper published at the 15th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion (Safety 2024) in Delhi, India, in September.
We will grow our regional chapters. In Latin America, we will hold our first regional meeting in Mexico. In Africa, we will continue to build on the partnerships we are developing with the Trans-Safe coalition and through the Pan-African Plan for Active Mobility. We also hope to push forward our plans for a third chapter in Asia, subject to funding.

We are excited to work with you next year to put our strategy and these plans into action.