SORSA Teams Up With Amend for Safer School in Botswana

Around 90% of children at Bophirimi Primary School, Gaborone, Botswana, walk to school along a busy road, many of them on their own. 

Tumiso Selaledi of the Society of Road Safety Ambassadors (SORSA) is one of the 2018 Africa cohort of Alliance Advocates. She chose Bophirimi School for her safe school zone project. Assessing the area around the school, she found that crossings were not clearly marked, there were no reduced speed limits regulating speed around the school zone, and there were many cars parked around the school restricting the children’s view of the traffic.

Tumiso took her findings to ????

SORSA was already working with another Alliance member NGO, Amend, to implement changes that would improve safety around schools and Tumiso discussed the situation around Bophirimi Primary School to get it included in the agreement between the two NGOs. Amend’s award-winning School Area Road Safety Assessment and Improvement (SARSAI) program¬†targets schools across Africa with the highest rates of student injuries, identifies improvements based on assessments like the one one that Tumiso completed, and implements measures to make these schools safer.

SORSA and Amend implemented xxx at Bophirimi Primary School. A launch ceremony was held to unveil the new changes attended by Zoleka Mandela, road safety ambassador.

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