PRESS RELEASE: Round the World Roundtable

Vietnam commits to United Nations road crash prevention goals at Round the World Roundtable

19 March, 2019 – Hanoi, Vietnam

Leading up to the 3rd United Nations Ministerial Meeting scheduled in Sweden in February 2020, Vietnam has been selected to launch a 5-continent initiative organized by the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety. The initiative supports the UN Voluntary Global Performance Targets for Road Safety.

At the event, a symbolic baton was handed over to UN Special Envoy Jean Todt by the Government of Vietnam to signify their commitment.  

“It is essential to increase the uptake of helmet use. Wearing a quality helmet has been proven to reduce drastically the risk of death and serious injury in the event of a crash. At the same time, it is essential to ensure that helmets available on the market meet acceptable safety standard to protect lives” said Jean Todt, UN Special Envoy for Road Safety.

“The Vietnamese government recognizes the challenges remaining and has committed to: 1) increase helmet wearing rates among children of Vietnam to over 80% by 2030; 2) enforce compliance of quality helmets and ban all counterfeit helmets that do not meet technical requirements; 3) ensure successful implementation of the 3-year GVN road safety action plan which includes the Global Road Safety Performance Targets; and 4) present these commitments in Stockholm in 2020,” said Dr. Khuat Viet Hung, Vice Chairman of the NTSC.

AIP Foundation Founder and President Greig Craft said: “The impact of head trauma on children and families remains a global health ‘epidemic’. The Government of Vietnam’s commitment is commendable and sets an example for other countries.”

In turn, civil society partners and the corporate sector have committed to support the initiatives set forth by the Government and marks a global milestone in road crash prevention.

“We are honored to be one of the founding members of this Global Road Safety Initiative,” said Eduardo Martinez, UPS chief diversity and inclusion officer and president of The UPS Foundation. “By contributing our safety expertise, providing funding, and collaborating with long-time partner, the AIP Foundation, we create a powerful multiplier effect that will accelerate the Initiative and help save lives. I am pleased to announce today that The UPS Foundation will contribute US $1 million to the AIP Foundation to support child helmet use and increase road safety skills and awareness in Vietnam, Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia.”

“Road fatalities globally are increasing. Commitments at national level, such as this one, are critical to reversing the deadly trend and we applaud the Government of Vietnam for taking a stand. NGOs are pushing hard to raise road safety on their countries’ agendas. AIP Foundation are working side-by-side with us and our 225 other NGOs in 90 countries around the world to secure commitments that will save lives. ” said Lotte Brondum, Executive Director of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety.