New training series: Let’s get minimum three star roads by 2020

The Alliance Empowerment Program is launching its first training series! The series, which is open to all, will feature a number of online information and advocacy sessions on International Road Assessment Programs (iRAP)’s star rating system for roads, including how to successfully advocate for a minimum three star road standard in your country. The Alliance has developed this series in collaboration with iRAP, the 3-Star Coalition, and the FIA Foundation. The training series will take place during the months of March and April 2016.

The star rating system was developed by iRAP, the main global organization that assesses roads for safety. iRAP rates the safety of roads on a scale from one to five stars and has found that each one star improvement cuts deaths by about half. This online series will provide information on why and where star rating is relevant, how NGOs can influence decision making on road development, and direct action NGOs can take to improve road infrastructure in their communities. The training series will feature experiences from Alliance members who have already begun advocating for three star minimum roads, and provide specific guidance on what your NGO can do. Find specific information about the sessions HERE.

If you would like to participate in this online training series, please sign up HERE. Registration will close on 18 March 2016. Once registration closes, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions on how to join the online information sessions. To help us further tailor this series to your NGO’s needs, please send any questions you would like answered in the information sessions to before 1 March 2016.

This training series is part of the Alliance Empowerment Program, which aims to advance the road safety agenda by strengthening the capacities of Alliance member NGOs to design, plan, fund, deliver, and evaluate effective programs. The Alliance Empowerment Program is expected to improve the quality of Alliance members’ work to make road safety a priority in all settings and save lives. Find specific information about the Alliance Empowerment Program HERE