Join the new “Alliance Francophone pour la Sécurité Routière”

The 2nd Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety held in Brasilia, Brazil on 18-19 November 2015 called for results.

On March 20 2015, International Day of Francophonie, the Laser International Foundation took the initiative to create the “Alliance Francophone pour la Sécurité Routière” to promote cooperation between organizations and people who have in common the use of the French language.

This Alliance aims to address a major concern: help reduce by 2020 the increase in road deaths on the roads of the francophone countries, particularly developing countries. Its missions is to support, participate in, and develop projects for road safety in collaboration with national and local stakeholders.

The “Alliance Francophone pour la Sécurité Routière” is an international nonprofit organization with legal support and financial support coming from the Laser International Foundation.

Advantages to members of the Alliance Francophone pour la Sécurité Routière include:

  • French translation of the documents published in another languages that would be interesting for members,
  • Promotion in UN and other international fora,
  • Expertise and technical assistance,
  • Access to resources from the world center of film
  • Partnership building in an international network
  • Privileged conditions for participation in international events.

For more information and to inquire about membership, please contact Robert Trottein at