India first country to nationally launch #SaveKidsLives

India is the first country to nationally launch the #SaveKidsLives campaign. This takes place 21 December 2014 where all Indian Alliance members come together for a national launch with activities around the country. Avoid Accident, a member NGO of the Alliance based in Mohali and acting as the national coordinator of the campaign, has made plans to organize a training session called “You are Important and Responsible – Safety Starts with You” aiming to help school bus drivers attain high standards of driving conduct as their job entails transporting a lot of children to school.

Two other NGO members of the Alliance, Safe Kids Foundation and People’s Trust, have made plans to launch #SaveKidsLives “Safie” campaigns in their respective states of Mumbai and Jaipur. If you are interested in learning more please contact Avoid Accident for more information on

And for those all over the world who have yet to join and show support, please visit to sign the declaration and help promote the campaign.