Heroes Drive in Pajamas wins European Award

“Heroes Drive in Pajamas”, a project spearheaded by Alliance Advocate David Razboršek of Zavod VOZIM, Slovenia, has won the European Commission Road Safety Excellence Award. 

The award was received for its work to reduce drunk driving among young people by reducing peer pressure to drive home after a night out.

“Heroes Drive in Pajamas” addressed drunk driving through regional discussions between young people and decision makers, giving voice to young people and helping decision makers find solutions; through workshops; and by actively conducting safe rides to and from parties. These heroes in pajamas are those those who have themselves been injured in road traffic accidents. Young activists are raising awareness about the significance of road traffic safety; performing breath testing and encouraging young people that a concert can be enjoyed just as much without alcohol.

“Heroes Drive in Pajamas” was designed by David as his Alliance Advocate project and uses many of the techniques he learned on the training. Our congratulations to David and Zavod VOZIM on this prestigious award.