Alliance Welcomes New Members

The Alliance is excited to welcome two new members who joined us recently:

Myanmar Organization for Road Safety (MORS) was established in 2016 to raise awareness of road safety and save the lives of school children. It provides training to road users about the importance of wearing a helmet, wearing a seat belt, sticking to speed limits, and understanding and following road signs. The organization hopes to share its work with others working in the sector, and to hear constructive feedback from others. 

Road Safety Ambassadors of Tanzania (RSA Tanzania), was founded in November 2015 to promote road safety through the dissemination of knowledge and information, public participation, and policy and legal reforms. Since its establishment, the organization has implemented several projects to improve road safety in Tanzania. It has raised public awareness of road safety issues and mobilized people to speak out against dangerous drivers, advocated for the amendment of the Road Traffic Act, held a seminar on road safety for long distance bus drivers, and educated the public on the importance of wearing seat belts and observing traffic laws.