Alliance welcomes new members

The Alliance is excited to welcome four new members who joined recently.

Full members

Confederación Nacional de Organismos de Apoyo al Tránsito, Colombia is a road safety advocacy organization, striving to bolster road safety measures, promote life-saving practices, and minimize road crashes on Colombia’s roads. They also focus on unifying and representing various organizations that support traffic authorities and leveraging information technologies within the sector. Through their efforts, they aim to instill a culture of safety among road users, thereby contributing significantly to the overall reduction of road-related incidents within Colombia.

ImagineLaw, Inc., Philippines was established in 2016, and is a public interest law group in the Philippines focused on social transformation, focusing on people’s health and welfare. With a mission to design and advocate for evidence-based and people-centered policy solutions, they have been instrumental in the enactment and implementation of over forty national and subnational road safety policies, including pivotal legislations such as a national law on the use of child restraints and an administrative issuance on speed limit setting and enforcement. They have championed comprehensive subnational road safety ordinances aimed at reinforcing the five pillars of road safety. Through their dedicated team of lawyers and advocates, the organization collaborates with governments, civil society, and communities to devise policy solutions that promise to enable all individuals to lead healthy and meaningful lives.

Road Safety for All, Netherlands was founded in July 2009 as a non-profit foundation dedicated to enhancing road safety in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). Recognized as a legal entity under Dutch law, it operates with a team of professional volunteers who bring extensive senior-level experience in road safety, both nationally and internationally. They us collaborative approaches, offering core services such as research, consultancy, and training exclusively in partnership with experts from the client countries themselves, ensuring that solutions are culturally and contextually relevant. They focus on empowering communities through knowledge and skill development in road safety.

Associate member

Maos para Ajudar, Mozambique focuses on issues of protection, defense, and assurance of the rights of vulnerable populations through the promotion of social inclusion policies. Their comprehensive approach encompasses raising awareness and mobilizing communities as they are keen on fostering a spirit of volunteering among the youth and supporting local initiatives across various sectors, including training and IT, entrepreneurship, and the environment for addressing a broad range of social challenges.