Alliance members reflect on 2nd Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety

Based on initial survey results, Alliance member NGOs generally agreed that the 2nd Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety was beneficial and inspired commitment to achieve the road safety targets included in the Sustainable Development Goals. Member NGOs also tended to agree that the side-events were more useful for sharing information than the larger, more general plenary sessions. Encouragingly, many NGOs in attendance were able to meet with their country’s government representatives during the conference and discuss country-specific priorities and areas for better collaboration.

When asked what action they plan take following the conference, one NGO stated, “we plan to engage our high-level government officials even more. What we have learned is that their is need for increased political will around the world, and this political will is currently lacking in our country. We are going to strive to engage our politicians more so that they prioritize road safety, and we are going to use our connections that we have made at the conference to present directly to our Parliament.”

These are the initial results from a survey sent out to all attending Alliance members. A full report will be available later.