African Forum on Road Safety in Bukina Faso

The African Forum on Road Safety  will be held from 20 to 22 May 2015 in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso). It is  promoted by Initiatives Conseil International – Santé  on behalf of a consortium of organizations named OSCAR (Medical and Behavioral Observatory on Road Traffic Injuries / Observatoire Sanitaire et Comportemental de l’Accidentologie Routièr) , which is presented in the attached document. Find background informatio HERE .

from all participating sectors on road safety including health, transportation, education and policy sectors in Africa: scientists, policy makers, firefighters, teachers, communication specialists, specialized manufacturers, NGOs & CSOs, technical and financial partners, as well as lead agencies on road safety, political leaders and the private sector.

These stakeholders will be invited to share experiences, reflect on the implementation of proven approaches and on new developments in relation to road safety as well as document best practices. Gathering data on action research on the continent and exploring current and future road safety initiatives and highlighting and promoting innovation should hopefully mobilize relevant stakeholders including potential donors.

With the intent to promote road safety on all fronts, AFROSafe  is expected to be a triggering event for high impact action.

The aim of the Forum is to foster multidisciplinary and innovative thinking on road safety in order to provide concrete answers to the medical and societal challenges related to traffic crashes.

Over 3 days, the Forum’s participants will:

·       Share knowledge and document strengths and weaknesses of present prevention and response measures in order to identify priority action on road safety;

·       Assess the impact of policies, programs and actions already undertaken in this area to identify appropriate solutions to address various existing challenges;

·       Promote the development of effective partnerships between road safety stakeholders in the continent, with a view to harmonize and combine multidisciplinary approaches;

·       Foster advocacy to promote the integration of road safety in the international agenda, and mobilize resources to support the efforts of researchers and practitioners engaged and promoting road safety in Africa;

·       Establish a biennial event for updates on the state of knowledge, policies and programs on the subject.

Initiatives Conseil International – Santé  and the OSCAR  consortium want to promote innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to ensure that road safety is high enough on Africa’s agendas for national as well as international development actors and policy makers.

The Forum will include plenary sessions  that will address cross-cutting issues and contribute to strengthening the basics of global and multidisciplinary knowledge on road safety in Africa. It will also include panels , which will be organized in parallel and will focus on more specific topics, allowing participants to attend relevant workshops according to their profiles. Panel sessions will particularly contribute in developing recommendations and advocacy actions to be presented during dedicated feedback sessions.

Main themes expected to be developed will include:

  • Road Safety in Africa: Current situation  within the framework of the UN Decade
  • Observational, statistical and epidemiological surveillance tools
  • Management of injuries in pre-hospital and hospital
  • Public policies on road safety: Cooperation, regulations and implementation
  • Strategies and behavioral change tools

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