High-Level Meeting on Improving Global Road Safety

About the High-level Meeting

The High-level Meeting on Improving Global Road Safety (HLM) was held at the UN headquarters in New York, US on 30 June-1 July 2022. Its theme was the 2030 horizon for road safety: securing a decade of action and delivery.

It was organized under the leadership of the President of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly and focused on “addressing gaps and challenges, mobilizing political leadership, promoting multisectoral and multi-stakeholder collaboration, and assessing the progress made in attaining the objectives of the road safety-related targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”

The HLM was held over two days. It comprised an opening session, three plenary sessions for Member State statements three multi-sectoral panels with questions, and a closing session.

Significance of the HLM

The High-level Meeting was the first ever UN General Assembly high-level meeting for road safety and follows the launch in 2021 of the Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021–2030 (Global Plan). As such, it should have been a catalytic moment for real leadership, clear allocation of resources and commitment to implement effective interventions to reduce road deaths and injuries by 50% by 2030. The Alliance has scrutinized two key elements of the HLM, the Political Declaration A/RES/76/294 and the Member State Plenary Statements, to assess how effectively the objectives appear to have been achieved.

Read a summary of our analysis HERE.

Political Declaration

The primary outcome of the HLM was the Political Declaration. This was a negotiated document agreed by all member states by a silence procedure. It was issued as UN Resolution A/RES/76/294 to be adopted at the 76th UN General Assembly in September 2022.

We compared the Political Declaration against the Stockholm Declaration and UN Resolution A/RES/74/299 to evaluate whether the language showed progression or regression.

Read our analysis of the Political Declaration HERE.

Member State Plenary Statements

In the concept note for the HLM, Member States and other stakeholders were invited to “share best practices and lessons learned, and make concrete commitments to mobilize political will, address gaps and challenges, promote multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder collaboration as well as to ensure accountability in order to accelerate the implementation of the Global Plan to achieve the 50 % reduction target.” 73 Member States (including 72 individual countries and the European Union) made statements. Recordings of the statements can be found here:

  • Statements 1-25 can be found in the recording HERE (from 00:32:00 to end);
  • Statements 26-63 can be found in the recording HERE (full session);
  • Statements 64-75 can be found in the recording HERE (from 00:36:00 to 01:33:40).

The Alliance created an NGO checklist to systematically identify mentions of key indicators aligned to the NGO call to action in the 73 statements. Read the statement analysis HERE.

Further information about the HLM

Find the political declaration A/RES/76/294 issued at the HLM HERE.

Find the concept note of the HLM HERE.

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