Streets for Life: Road Safety NGO Work with Government to Reduce Road Deaths in El Salvador

On Thursday 24 August 2023, Alliance member MOVES, El Salvador, with the support of the Alliance, hosted a roundtable that brought together Salvadoran government authorities, civil society, the private sector, and the international community, together with the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety, (Special Envoy), Jean Todt. The roundtable focused on evidence-based road safety interventions, including 30 km/h zones to promote safe and sustainable mobility for all road users.

This roundtable took place during the mission of the Special Envoy to El Salvador. The panelists discussed the road safety data concerning El Salvador and shared information about evidence-based interventions that have contributed to the reduction of road fatalities in the country. 

During the roundtable, the Special Envoy emphasized the importance of collective efforts in saving lives on the roads. The Vice Minister of Transportation, Nelson Eduardo Reyes, also mentioned that enforcement is key to the implementation of speed limits.

©Vice Ministry of Transportation of El Salvador.

These events reaffirm that civil society meaningful participation and road safety NGOs are at the forefront of efforts to save lives on the roads—working with communities, supporting and influencing governments, leading road safety movements, and advocating for road safety actions.

©Vice Ministry of Transportation of El Salvador.

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