What to expect at the El Salvador Global Meeting

Apart from networking face to face as well as interacting online on Brella, participants of the Eighth Global Meeting of Nongovernmental Organizations Advocating for Road Safety and Road Victims will benefit from educative workshops throughout the week starting 6-10 March 2023.

There will be meetings for the Africa and Latina America Chapters. Keynote speakers for the opening ceremony will include ministers from El Savador Government and the Alliance Executive Director. There will be a session on evidence-based solutions at national and local levels and a panel discussion to understand the connections of safe mobility and road safety with other SDGs.

The Global meeting kicks off with Alliance Chapters (Latin America and Africa) sessions.

 The Africa Chapter face to face meeting will bring together NGOs from the Africa region with the aim of renewing the Africa Call to Action on road safety and to promote integration of road safety efforts in the region through coordinated activities in networking and sharing, advocacy and accountability, and capacity building.

The meeting by Latin America Chapter members will provide a space for member NGOs in the region to engage and get to know each other and share their work and experiences. They will also deliberate on how to continue to foster the development of a unified, regional voice and vision from NGOs working on road safety, safe mobility, and road victims in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The highlight of the Global Meeting will be the launch of the Accountability Tool Kit. The Toolkit will enable NGOs to track their commitments and that of governments on road safety interventions. After the launch, the Alliance will provide orientation sessions on how to use the Accountability Toolkit.

Thereafter, there will be a panel discussion to understand the connections of safe mobility and road safety with other SDGs. This discussion will help the road safety community leverage the SDGs supported by road safety to generate increased action.

Another exciting panel discussion will highlight the need for evidence based solutions at national and local levels to reduce road deaths and injuries by 50% by 2030 and also the role of NGOs in ensuring government accountability.

FedEX award winners will also be unveiled at the Global Meeting. The award recognizes the results-oriented commitment, involvement and willingness to learn of NGO members the Alliance.

View the complete program for the Global Meeting HERE.