Third International Child Road Safety Forum (FISEVI)

The third FISEVI will be held 12–13 June 2018 in Buenos Aires, and will be hosted by the Argentinian Ministry of Transport through its National Road Safety Agency.

Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez, with the Global Child Health Initiative, FIA Foundation, and UNICEF is organizing FISEVI 2018 with the theme of ensuring a safe journey from/to school to all children by 2030.

Latin America faces important challenges regarding child road safety. This age group is one of the most affected population groups by road accidents that represents the first cause of death for those aged 5–29.
The decrease in the number of deaths and injuries in traffic in the region depends largely on the reduction of deaths and injuries resulting from motorcycle crashes. There are, at the same time, other challenges, such as recording and systematizing data, and developing research studies that are relevant to knowledge development.

FISEVI generates an opportunity for debate, training and exchange to design road safety policies adapted to the region´s needs. Along these lines, this two-day forum will gather several stakeholders from different Road Safety contexts: representatives from Governments, the Civil Society, and the Private Sector.

FISEVI´s objectives focus on implementing actions to improve child road safety, generating research mechanisms based on scientific evidence and best practices in different countries, and promoting communication channels to improve child road safety networks in the region.

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