#RethinkMobility art piece

Gerardo Gómez is a Salvadoran artist who works with expressive styles, at times reminiscent of surrealism or punk aesthetics, and at other times, a more psychedelic aesthetic. He portrays the city, its characters, and peculiarities through a process of approximation to its environment. He alternates between painting in the center of the city and reflecting upon, as well as criticizing, specific elements. He employs perspectives and elements that evoke technological themes.

The Alliance commissioned him to create the artwork entitled #RethinkMobility for the Eighth Global Meeting in San Salvador in March 2023, serving as a call to action for governments and international authorities to prioritize safe mobility and road safety on the global agenda. It emphasizes the importance of providing every individual with secure, affordable, accessible, and sustainable mobility. This, in turn, guarantees access to education, employment, and the opportunities necessary for individuals to reach their full potential, with a commitment to inclusivity. This principle is essential for fostering a thriving society, as safe mobility is a fundamental right. The painting incorporates Alliance member words about safe mobility and road safety and shows the five evidence-based interventions of the Accountability Toolkit: 30 km/h zones, lower speed limits, pedestrian facilities, traffic calming, and helmet laws with promotion and enforcement.

The piece #RethinkMobility represents civil society’s commitment to saving lives on the roads and the urgency for evidence-based actions.