PRESS RELEASE: Prince Michael Award Recognizes #CommitToAct Campaign

The Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety is delighted that the tireless work of its 250 NGOs around the world on the #CommitToAct campaign has been recognized with a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award. Each year, the most outstanding examples of international road safety initiatives are given public recognition through these prestigious awards.

The #CommitToAct campaign empowers and equips NGOs to secure government-led road safety commitments at local and national levels, creating a platform for accountability. The NGO sector plays a central role in delivering change. #CommitToAct amplifies their individual calls to action and strengthens their joint voice.

HRH Prince Michael of Kent, in his letter to the Alliance said, “I have been impressed with the reach and effectiveness of the #CommitToAct campaign developed by your team and many partner NGOs. I am therefore delighted to make an award to the Alliance in recognition of this outstanding achievement.”

Lotte Brondum, the Alliance’s Executive Director said, “This award’s true recipients are the Alliance member NGOs, who often work tirelessly and unrecognized in their communities. I encourage them to use it as an opportunity to leverage the recognition and endorsement that the Prince Michael Award represents to push for accountability and stronger commitments for safer roads with their governments.”

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