PRESS RELEASE: Accountability Tracker helps NGOs measure advocacy impact

Today, we announce the addition of the Accountability Tracker to our Accountability Toolkit.

The Accountability Tracker (the Tracker) empowers NGOs globally to monitor the progress of their advocacy and their government’s response toward reducing road-related fatalities and injuries by 50% by 2030. This innovative tool helps NGOs keep meticulous records of their advocacy progress with their governments. By documenting advocacy activities and tracking government responses, NGOs can better demonstrate the value and impact of their work. They can have a clear view of progress and next steps to ensure a focused and relevant advocacy strategy toward implementation of interventions that result in death and injury reductions. 

The Tracker has been piloted and developed with Alliance member NGOs. It promotes greater transparency in advocacy, government actions and their link along with the other tools in the Toolkit. 

The Tracker helps achieve the fifth step in the Accountability Toolkit. Using the Toolkit’s five steps and corresponding tools, NGOs can assess government actions; prioritize interventions that are evidence-based; define a list of actions for government to consider; meet with government to advocate for interventions to be implemented; and track government response to their advocacy. All these five practical steps allow NGOs to customize their kits, save, return and edit as often as necessary, and download the custom-made kit. The tools are available in a personalized online dashboard that any NGOs and other road safety and safe mobility advocates can create for free HERE.

According to Lotte Brondum, the Alliance’s Executive Director, “The Accountability Tracker helps us fulfill a vital NGO role, defined in the Global Plan to hold governments accountable, keeping road safety on the government agenda. It is a means of continuous learning and improvement in NGO advocacy. We are excited to see the collective impact of NGO advocacy through the Tracker. This tool is one of the many ways the Alliance supports NGOs in their mission to achieve safer roads for all.”