The Accountability Toolkit comprises of a set of customizable tools to help you hold your government to account for reducing road deaths and injuries.

Accountability Checklist

Scrutinize your government’s actions using the Accountability Checklist. This will help you identify what actions the government has already taken and what new actions they need to take to further reduce road deaths and injuries. It may also help you identify existing levers to build on towards implementation.

Alliance Priority Interventions

Five interventions have been initially prioritized in the toolkit.

The Alliance Priority Interventions may expand over time based on rigorous assessment of evidence of what works, Alliance member needs, key global road safety events, and other road safety opportunities.

Government To Do List

Use the Government To Do List to prepare a tailored list of actions for your government. Consider one evidence-based intervention that you want to advise your government to make a priority to implement and include it in your to do list for your government.

NGO Talking Points

The NGO Talking Points provide you with key points to make the case for why your government needs to implement the intervention. Choose the points you want to convey to the government officials you choose to meet and add other relevant points that are unique to your contexts based on your research/knowledge/experience in order to persuade them to implement the intervention.

Advocacy and Accountability Tracker

Keeping good records is an important way to effectively follow up with your government about your asks and their progress in response. A few months after you have started your customized Accountability Kit, we will send you an email to invite you to record key milestones in your accountability cycle. Don’t worry if you have not yet held your initial meeting(s). There is no need to complete the Tracker until you have some progress to report.

Your tailored Accountability Checklist, Government To Do List, and NGO Talking Points are saved to your customized Accountability Kit. You can access the Dashboard at any point to update or download them to prepare your advocacy.