Need help? Toolbox for #SaveKidsLives

#SaveKidsLives is the official campaign for the upcoming Third UN Road Safety Week.  If you need help to get involved, there is help to get in the following:

Background information . Find an quick overview of the #SaveKidsLives Campaign HERE .

Inspiration for speeches, reports and presentations:   WHO has created a guide called 10 strategies for keeping children safe on the road. We encourage you to use the information in your speeches, reports, presentations, etc. Check it .

Read it, sign it, show it deliver it:  On you will find  the #SaveKidsLives Video,  Child Declaration  and ideas to how you can involve your policy makers. You can also find thousands of #Safies on and upload your own.

Involve children:  You can help by organizing an activity where children take the role of road safety reporters. In their articles or short programmes, children can share their thoughts on the importance of road safety and show the risks they face every day on the roads. Work with your media contacts or simply film on a smartphone or camera, and post on your website and social media. Share it all with the campaign on social media using #SaveKidsLives. Check out  HERE  how you can involve children as reporters and download the detailed guide HERE .

Find infographics HERE

Involve parents:  ’Spot the difference’ is a game that parents can play with their kids. It is based on 5 tips that we know save lives. Find it  HERE  . You can also download the tool from the #SKL website and print themselves. When you finish the ‘game’ they can take a #Safie and share that on social media.

Registrar your events:  To view the calendar of activities as well as register your organization’s planned event for the Third UN Global Road Safety Week, please visit this link: